Welcome to MMS! My name is Kristi Hollingsworth and I am honored to be the MMS School Counselor. As your child's counselor, I am here to support you and your child during these tough middle years. I am extremely lucky to work in such a collaborative and positive environment where all staff members are here to do the same. My role at MMS is to focus on supporting students with academic, social, and emotional situations. We are raising our children in tough times. Together, we must support and encourage them, model strong positive characteristics, and provide them with the tools necessary to be successful and FEEL successful. It is my goal to help all students feel that school is a safe place where they can learn, belong, and be victorious. It is important to me for all the students at MMS to view my office as a place of trust, a place they can be heard, and a place they can feel loved.
If you wish to meet with me, please call or email to schedule an appointment ("drop-in" requests cannot always be accommodated). I look forward to teaming with you to ensure your child's success through these important developmental years! 
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Kristi Hollingsworth
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If you are interested in volunteering at MMS, you must first be approved through the WISD administration office located on 207 East Pine Street. We look forward to having the positivism and support you will bring to our campus!!